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  • CGA 870, Medical Oxygen Regulators, Essex Industries

    Product Info. The Oxygen Regulator is a compact unit manufactured of lightweight anodized aluminum with brass high pressure conduits. The regulator precisely maintains any of twelve different preset flow settings from a full cylinder (2000 psig) to an empty one (500 psig). The CGA 870 style features a pure touch knob. Meets ASTM G175-03

  • Excess Flow Valves Total Valve Systems

    Excess Flow valves are known by other names such as velocity check, emergency shutdown device, seismic valve, shutdown valve, surge preventer, earthquake valve, and line rupture valve. These valves are designed to close when a sudden flow surge occurs. Excess Flow valves are in-line valves through which pressurized gas or liquid flows in either

  • XTX50/DS4 Regulatorapeksdiving

     · XTX50/DS4 Regulator. The XTX50/DS4 is the same as the XTX50 in terms of performance but uses a different first stage. The DS4 first stage lacks the rotating turret found on the XTX50 first stage and offers one HP port. This compact first stage is a time-proven workhorse that has been embraced by the technical community around the world.

  • Flow Meter Devices & Mass Controllers Sierra Instruments

    Sierra's flow meter instruments precisely measure or control very low flows down to less than 1 sccm full scale, as well as extremely high flows of gas, liquid and steam. With rugged product design, cutting-edge innovation, and a team of flow experts, Sierra Instruments comprises over 150 locations worldwide.

  • Flow Control & Measurement Flow Meters & Instruments

    EXPLORE OUR PRODUCTS. Brooks Instrument is more than a flow meter manufacturer. As the leading supplier of flow technology, we offer the world’s most comprehensive line of precision flow control and flow measurement devices. Explore high-performance instruments, from mass flow controllers to rotameters, supported by expertise and service only

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    It is designed separately for O2 and N2O gases. Outlet pressure is calibrated to be 5 bar . TMS brand high pressure regulators reduce high pressure in two stages . Secure providing a pressure and flow range. Two safety against pressure surges on the regulator ( pressure relief ) valve is located .

  • Pressure Regulators Mini Pressure Regulators Beswick

    Product Type Select.. Pressure Regulators Vacuum Regulators Pressure Compensated Flow Controls Back Pressure Regulators Gas Cylinder Adapters. Outlet Pressure Select Outlet Pressure Up to 20 psig (1.4 bar) Up to 30 psig (2.1 bar) Up to 45 psig (3.1 bar) Up to 100 psig (6.9 bar) Up to 200 psig (13.8 bar) Up to 400 psig (27.6 bar)

  • Pressure, Back Pressure, and Temperature Regulators by

    Back Pressure Regulators . The sliding gate back pressure regulators are ideal for steam, liquid and gas media. A variety of regulators are available including self-operated, high flow, differential, vacuum, air loaded and pilot operated.

  • Americana Nitrogen Flow RegulatorescMode®

    CGA580 is the regulator connection typically used in Canada, the US, Mexico, and South America. Features for this regulator include  Medical-grade click-style nitrogen flow regulator (i.e., not modified/remanufactured from other gas regulators) Click style regulator ensures precise selection of flow rate, 0 to 25 LPM

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    Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters & Importers from the

  • IV Flow RegulatorMedical Disposable Products

    Offers IV fow regulator, high pressure extension tube, low pressure extension tube, a.v. fistula needle, infusion set, scalp vein set, disposable syringe, disposable hypodermic needle, measured volume burette set, disposable syringe, peritoneal dialysis transfusion set, veinfix intravenous cannula, extension tube, veinfix i.v. cannula fixation, three way stopcock by Shree Umiya Surgical in


    The compact flow regulator, only RMT version, available from 1 to 16 zones. The ideal solution for small presses (up to 1000kN). Suitable for measuring small flow rates up to 8l/min. Temperature 100°C MAX, pressure 10 bar MAX (see table). The 4 zones model is a reliable device just 200mm wide.

  • Air Pressure Regulators ControlAir

    Precision Regulators offer accuracy and sensitivity while General Purpose Regulators offer greater economy and efficiency. Air Filter Regulators are considered a vital air preparation device when it comes to protecting your sensitive downstream equipment. Each category includes regulators in various sizes, materials and pressure ranges.

  • Understanding a Regulator Flow Characteristic Curve

    Flow characteristic curves instead characterize a phenomenon called “droop” in regulators. Droop is a regulator’s natural tendency to allow a drop in output pressure as flow through a unit increases. The amount of droop in a regulator will depend largely on the design of the regulator. High performing, precision regulators, such as the

  • EZ Regular® Productcatalogue pfm medical ag

    Product video Downloads The EZ Regular® is a precision flow regulator for gravity infusion. Benefits. Easy one-handed operation. Easy to vent thanks to free-flow function. Precisely adjustable flow rates from 5 ml/h to 300 ml/h. Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, . Ordering Information.

  • North Korean Defector Information Flow Will Help Bring

     · North Korean Defector Information Flow Will Help Bring Down Kim Jong Un Parallels After defecting, the ex-diplomat told his sons "You can go to the Internet, you can do Internet games whenever

  • Pressure Regulators Netafim Accessories

     · Pressure Regulators Our highly accurate regulators designed to ensure uniform pressure and maximum system uptime and maintain continuous non-peak & consistent system pressure. Highly accurate pressure regulators are available in two models PRV Located near the head control, this model is available at various outlet pressures.

  • Flow-monProducts

    Product information. At Flow-Mon we specialise in the supply of flow meters, flow devices and control instrumentation designed for manufacturing and process industries. Our extensive range of flow indicators has the answer to any flow monitoring application, no matter how simple or complex. Where a visual indication is enough to gauge

  • MK130 Flow Regulator (Flow Adjusting Dial) Braeco Sales

    MK130 Flow Regulator (Flow Adjusting Dial) The Mark 130 is a self operating flow regulator with an external dial that needs no external power source. It will maintain a constant downstream flow rate ( /-5% of full scale) regardless of inlet or outlet pressure fluctuations.

  • Automated & Control Valves Low Flow Regulators

    MK708 / MK8000 Low Flow Pneumatic Control Valve (WCB/316SS/Monel/Alloy 20) 3-8 V-Port Ball Valve with Positioner Maric Flow Control Valve Series 2000 Angle Seat Control Valve (On/Off) Series 2301 Globe Style Control Valve (modulating) MK130 Flow Regulator (Flow Adjusting Dial) Diaphragm Valve. Straight Type Lined Straight Type Unlined

  • GO RegulatorInstrumentation Components

    GO RegulatorInstrumentation Components. HOME. PRODUCTS. Pressure Regulators. Back Pressure. BP-3Adjustable back pressure regulator, Cv 0.2. BP-6High flow back pressure regulator, Cv 3.00. BP-60High pressure back pressure regulator, Maximum 2000 psig. BP-66High pressure back pressure regulator, Maximum 10,000 psig.

  • Rate Flow Regulator SetsBBraunUSA

     · Rate Flow® Regulator IV Set with 15 Micron Filter, 1 non needle free Injection Site. 20 drops/mL, Priming Volume 14 mL. Length 83 in. (213.4 cm)

  • KOREA GAS ENGINEERINGEndeavor and Passion make

    KOREA GAS ENGINEERINGEndeavor and Passion make the possible. Contents. KOREA GAS ENGINEERING. GAS Equipment. KOREA GAS ENGINEERING (KGE) manufactures LPG/Special Gas Vaporizers and. LPG Air Mixers to provide better solutions wherever liquefied gas is used as fuel. KGE offers not only a wide range of gas equipments to more than 30 countries.

  • Sanitary Low Pressure Blanketing Regulators by Steriflow

    Sanitary Low Pressure Blanketing Regulators Pharma clean compressed air & gas blanketing (gas overlay) regulators (PRV, BPRV), 1/2"2" (DN15DN50), NPT, tri-clamp or weld ends, very low flow to high flow, very low pressure set points, manual control.

  • MTX-R Regulatorapeksdiving

     · MTX-R Regulator. The MTX-R is based on the MTX, a regulator that was developed in accordance with the United States Navy Experimental Dive Unit extreme cold water test. Innovations in design mean that the MTX-R regulator performs in almost freezing water at a depth of over 60 metres, something that very few other regulators on the consumer

  • Pressure Reducing Regulators LowFlow Valve

    Pressure reducing regulators with the ability to handle very high pressures and very low flows, low set pressures and very low flows and piston operated regulators with high Cvs. JR Series &xrarr High Pressure / Low Flow Pressure Regulating Valves